Sunday, 12 June 2011

Stoke Bruerne Gala - Sunday (Down came the rain!.....)

Well we promised to try for better photos than yesterday.

Not to be I'm afraid!  The day started wet, and just got wetter, and photography was rather hindered by water on cameras lenses.

Anyway hopefully this brief selection gives a flavour, if only of boats in the rain, without the big crowds the organisers would no doubt have liked.

Candle Bridge Carrying's pair of "Small Woolwichs" - Archimedes and Ara, (unusually  they were unloaded!)


(As with all the blog pictures, clicking on any small image should give you a larger version).

Victoria, and the shortened boat Purton beyond.  A lot of trans-shipping of bagged fuels between boats was going on on both days.  The "tide line" clearly shows that a lot of bags had been removed from Victoria into Kestrel.

Whereas here Kestrel's butty Vienna, (here carrying it's alternate form "Verbena"), is being loaded from Trevor' Maggs' motor Corona, (by some very wet looking chaps!).  They couldn't understand why we had no enthusiasm for mucking in!

Meanwhile Sickle did its best to provide some moving boat action for the distinct lack of crowds now braving the weather.

This shot in particular shows definite evidence of the water getting into and on to the cameras, before we decided "no more photography".

So that was our first event with our own boat.  Practice for Braunston in just two weeks time, but I do feel for the Stoke Bruerne organisers and traders on this very wet Sunday.

Miles: 4.0, Locks: 4
Total for weekend Miles 6.0, Locks 8 

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  1. Shame about the weather. Did a thirteen hour stint on Saturday and glorious weather. Just glad we did it then and not Sunday!

    Well done for the effort to all, and for the pictures.