Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Alan Fincher Canal and RIver Trust Election "Flyer" and "Leaflet"

Hopefully the following link should provide direct access to my election flyer.....

Printable Alan Fincher Election Flyer (Adobe PDF file format)

And this one to a different campaign leaflet.......

Printable Alan Fincher Election Leaflet (Adobe PDF File Format)

As a determined "independent", if I am to prevail against the candidates being sponsored by the big "associations"  I will need to persuade a lot of people who don't know me directly to cast a high preference vote for me.

Therefore I would urge anybody who is prepared to support my campaign to print off some of the above, and try and spread the message to other boaters.

(The flyer works best if you print each of the two pages on opposite sides of a sheet of paper, then "tri-fold" it.  Most printers are OK if you simply turn over paper you have printed on one side, and feed it through again to print the other).

I'm pleased to say a fair amount of this is going on already, (without me leaning too heavily on my supporters!), but everyone I can get further spreading the message can only increase my chances of success.  So even if you think there are only one or two people you might persuade, if I have managed to persuade you, then please have a go!

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