Saturday, 7 April 2012

The Calf-Heath Banter(s).

(Boat Sickle - posted by Cath)

 Good Friday
After drinking far too much last night we had a late start. Jan took us shopping at Sainsbury's in Cannock, where we bought far more than she did - I suspect she wondered where it was all going to go to in our tiny cabin - so did we!

We spent rest of the day watching boats arriving for the banter, and talking to friends, old and new. In the evening we headed off to the bar again. I was staggered to realise that it was 12:30 when we finally got back to the boat. During the evening an 'adopted banterer', who was moored with everyone else, but "has never been on the Internet", discovered that it was a wedding celebration, and bought Jan and Dave a drink and a snack - Dom Perignon and a bag of pork scratchings.

Very bleary start, but more boats were arriving, and people began to turn up by car, to 'camp'. Alan disappeared for hours, drinking coffee and talking on other boats, I had a quiet morning in the boat, tidying up and doing other essential things.
We ate lunch and started the process of washing, both ourselves and our hair. Then into the hold to dig out the party clothes and hats for the evening's banter.
The rest of the banterers strolled off down the towpath to be seen by all on the live web-cam on Matty's boat, but I wasn't yet ready.
About three we headed for the pub. We had a great time, I spoke to so many people about so many things. There was a buffet in the evening, and drinking and singing went on into the early hours. I finally realised that I couldn't keep going much longer at about 10:30, so went back to the boat - to be woken by Alan coming back some hours later.

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