Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Some Excellent Photos To Share

(Boat Sickle - posted by Alan)

This post is out of sequence to when the event actually occurred, but I don't want these pictures to get buried in posts of over a month back.

On Friday 27th July Cath and I managed to find time to take "Sickle" down from her home mooring ready for the start of the Linslade Canal Festival.  This was a bit of a rushed job, as we had been dealing with a number of issues not related to "Sickle" and we nearly didn't get there.

Hence at the time we really took no photos, nor wrote up the trip.

However as we passed down from Stoke Hammond Three Locks towards Linslade we were being photographed, and it turned out that one of the photographers was Malcolm Ranieri, who specialises in transport related photography.  I there fore have just got around to contacting Malcolm, who has been kind enough to supply some of his images, and is happy that I show them off.

We think they are great, but we have just two worries.....

1) We now wish we had had a chance to tidy Sickle up before this trip, rather than after it (!)
2) These pictures are in our view good enough to rather shame our own rather more "snap shot" like approach.

Thank you Malcolm - much appreciated!

INCIDENTALLY:  In the main blog pages themselves you cannot make images like this large enough to fully appreciate.  But if you click on one, it brings up a gallery that allows them to be viewed as a significantly bigger image.

Fenny Stratford to Linslade
Miles: 8.5, Locks: 5

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