Monday, 17 February 2014

First Even Smaller Trip Out For The Year - Sickle

Retrospective post for Fri 7th February
(Boat Sickle - posted by Alan)

Tied up, and ready for lunch.
Not a lot to say really, other than that we needed to go and check "Sickle" out, and pump from her the large volumes of water that were inevitable after what I believe has been the wettest recorded January.

Unlike "Chalice" the previous week, "Sickle" usually just starts on the button, with almost no turning over required before she fires up - just as well, because she only has one old battery, so there would be nothing in reserve if she didn't start very quickly.

It was an unusually pleasant day, based on recent weather patterns, so Cath, David, Odin and I set off for a nearby pub for lunch.

On the way back with Odin as look out.
No issues to report, if we overlook the small matter of "somebody" managing to let the range chimney roll into the cut once removed after we got back.  It isn't magnetic, apparently - had we known that at the outset, it would have greatly speeded up efforts to rerieve it!

Miles: 3.0, Locks: 0

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