Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Hatton, mostly.

(Boat Chalice - posted by Cath)

Leaving the short Shrewley tunnel -it's usually a little bit wet in this one.
A drizzly start to the day. We were woken by the noisy freight trains, so got going fairly early on, setting off towards Hatton Flight.

We got both Odin and the folding bicycle off. David would cycle between locks, while I walked Odin.

A large part of the way down the Hatton flight - hard work if you start it tired!
We fairly quickly caught up a cheerful couple on a hire boat. They were efficient, and we got on well with them, but halfway down they decided to take a break.

Carrying on we caught up another crew to finish the flight.

 President and Kildare, (who wrongly assumed diesel would give way to steam!)
At the bottom we were tired, so moored up for lunch before setting off again through the Cape two.

Alan and I went shopping at the big Tesco, then we carried on until shortly below Radford Semele lock. A pleasant spot in the fields, where we could walk the dog up the towpath.

Pleasant mooring and fine end of day near Radford Semele.
A damp day, and tiring, with lots of deep locks. I'm not a great fan of Hatton, there are so many locks, with little chance of a break.

Lapworth to Radford Semele
Miles: 12.9, Locks: 23

Total Miles: 221.3, Locks: 166

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