Sunday, 27 July 2014

Very small move only.

(Boat Sickle - posted by Alan)
Retrospective post for Sunday 27th July.

After a few days of not moving either boat, we finally moved one - not far at all, but still through several locks.

Since our arrival at Audlem, "Chalice" had been sitting in the pound below the 11th lock down, just short of the village proper, as all the moorings in the very centre had been reserved for the 40 or so historic boats visiting.  "Sickle" on the other hand, had gone down to the final pound above the bottom lock for the festival.

However tomorrow  "Sickle" needed to be moving away as soon as we could in the other direction, so, as the festival was drawing to a close, we worked it down through that final lock, turned it around. and brought it 4 locks back up the flight, and moored it alongside "Chalice", with each boat now facing opposite ways.

That was it for the day, as our other son Michael was still visiting us, so, along with David, and Odin the whole family was present, and we fancied a family meal.  Tomorrow Michael would be driving David home, and Cath and I would be boating with just Odin for a few days.  We went and had a meal at the Lord Combermere, which, if I'm honest, although filling, was hardly spectacular for the considerable cost involved.  None of the three pubs near the canal in Audlem seemed very well geared up to giving much choice to vegetarians.  We are not such a rare breed these days, so perhaps these pubs are missing out on customers they could easily attract?  The one that can offer a better choice by the next time we visit is likely to get our custom, but if none do, we are likely to rely on the supermarkets, and eat on the boats.

From one lock from bottom of Audlem locks, down, turned, and back up through 4.
Miles: 0 (Chalice), 0.9 (Sickle), Locks: 5

Total Miles: 272.0, Locks: 143

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