Saturday, 27 August 2011

Hatton - and on past Radford Semele

After the first four lock

(Boat Chalice - posted by Cath)

We left our mooring by the Black Boy at about 9 am, and startedthe run to Hatton.  Once again the weather has been changeable, sunny one moment, and a drenching downpour the next - you either spend all your time changing in  and out of waterproofs, or just decide to keep warm by working the locks energetically.

The first boat we were working with pulled over after a few locks, but we soon caught up with a keen and experienced crew of hire boaters. The flight was busy, but we made fair time.

I'd love this to go with Sickle!

I wouldn't say no to this either!
Outside the BW yard at Hatton
I was drenched when I took this, the weather was so changeable

Hanging gardens - orange balsam and other plants
Bushes heavy with autumn fruit
 This summer is reported as being the driest since 1976, which has meant restrictions on boat movements on some parts of the system, but also an early autumn.
 The hire crew pulled over at the nearest pub below Hatton, while we pushed on to the Tesco's in Warwick, and then up through Fosse Locks. David went for a walk in the evening, and got very wet, but also took some photos:
Rainbow bridge
Evening sky from the top of Bascote Staircase

Knowle to above Fosse Locks
Miles: 17.2, Locks: 27

Total Miles: 349.2, Total Locks: 331

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