Sunday, 1 July 2012

An Easy Run Back To Base

(Boat Sickle - posted by Alan)

I'm only very belatedly coming back to this particular day, I'm afraid.

Events since, such as the arrival of our new friend "Odin" have rather overtaken things.

Suffice it to say, that having decided not to proceed down the Stoke Bruerne locks the previous day, we were of course left with a somewhat longer run home than had we already cleared them.

Cath winds the final paddles of the Stoke Bruene flight.
That said, when there are no restrictions, Stoke Bruerne proper, back to Sickle's home mooring is a nice gentle run.  Once the Stoke Bruerne lock flight is out of the way, it is mostly just a question of counting down the miles, which start in very rural Northamptonshire, largely avoiding all population, until you get to Cosgrove, and then the approaches through Wolverton for the long winding trip around the top of Milton Keynes - still often surprisingly rural.

As Cath was still overloaded with school-work, I did most of the time at the tiller, and the trip passed off quite uneventfully.

After many weekends wherewe have been boating, this one was to be the last before we actually get to take a weekend or two away from the cut.

Stoke Bruerne to Home Mooring
Miles: 17.6,   Locks:8

Totals for Stoke Bruerne & Braunston Trip 
Miles: 85.8,   Locks: 50

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