Sunday, 15 July 2012

Owning a dog again

After the tragic events that lead to us being dog less back in February , we had largely decided that we were going to be without a dog for a year or so. However, being out on Sickle in April I found it very difficult travelling the same sections of canals that we had done with Charlie only last summer. Then at Stoke Bruerne Gala when a golden cocker passed us, I found my eyes drawn to it, neglecting the conversation I was having. When the cocker walked back past I asked if I could 'pet' it, and embarrassed myself by bursting into tears. Alan decided it was time to look at becoming dog owners again.

We made enquiries, and were pointed at a family of young labradors. Years ago I owned a black lab cross. When she was 10 years old I moved in with Alan, and the dog came with me, for the last 2 years of her life. She thought that Alan was wonderful. So we went to see the puppies, just to find out about them, mind...

Well, of course, everyone knows that that doesn't happen. If you go to look at puppies then you know that you will be captivated.

So, Odin came to live with us last Friday.