Saturday, 14 July 2012

Good Grief - I Have a "Fan Club"

( posted by Alan)

This made me smile!

I'll largely leave it up to anyone reading this to research how much "self promotion" electioneering I actually did via the NBW site.

Suffice it to say, I made a firm decision not to, other that to point out it wasn't hard to research who I was, (or indeed any other candidate might be),  with the use of Google.

Most people could probably work out it might have been worth trying to find out about any of the 30 plus CaRT "Boater" Council candidates by the use of Google, but apparently by doing so on Narrowboatworld, I may have done an excessive amount of self promotion! 

I suppose the average NBW reader may not be capable of working this out for themselves then ?

Photo: Sarah Hale who gave permission for me to use it!
I have not checked with Sarah Hale of "Chertsey" whether they sought permission to use her picture, which they have clumsily cropped.  My assumption though is that they did not.  If so, this would be about par for the course with the plagiarism that this site regularly resorts to.


  1. Perhaps I should just send them a bill.

  2. Hi Alan,

    Well as you are too much of a gentleman to 'have it out' with the NBW top table I've said a few words of my own, hope you don't mind too much...
    Best wishes,

  3. Kevin,

    I have no intention of raising this matter on NarrowBoatWorld.

    Despite their protestations of high quality reporting, and of a willingness to correct mistakes, I have found the reality to be very different. I have at least three times in the past tried very politely in an email to Tom Crossley to point out significant errors in articles they have published. Each and every time I have met with a rebuff, with no acknowledgement of any errors, let alone publication of a correction, and it has appeared to me that the sensationalist stories mean far more to Tom Crossley than does any great attempts at accuracy.

    Someone who used to write a column for them, and I believe to have considerable integrity, told me that they had changed his copy, and when he had complained, had actually been told that the "wrong" version made better press. (My version of his words, but that was the gist of it).

    On the above evidence, I no longer bother to try and get misinformation on there corrected. Basically it is "Victor's" site, so it can be carefully massaged to give a message of his choosing. He can choose not to give a platform to any dissenting voice.

    I prefer to devote my time to sites where anybody can have an input. Not only does this allow both sides of a story to be heard, but it also means that when something has been put into print that simply isn't true, there is at least the possibility of a corrected version also getting published.

    Actually, despite the illusions of grandeur, (and, I suspect, some massaging of quoted page hit statistics), NBW is not looked at my anything like the numbers of people visiting a site like Canal World Forums. Probably not even a tenth of the number of people, actually, it seems, so I can not actually in any way get wound up about an inaccurate article made up about me on that site. They must just have been very, very short of (yet more!) BW / CaRT bashing stories the day they resorted to this, I think!