Monday, 26 August 2013

Alvecote Historic Boat Gathering - Day 3 - Monday

(Boat Sickle - posted by Alan)

Time doesn't really permit a full write up of the event, or at least not yet.

For the time being, here is a collection of pictures from the third (and final) day.

Oh, and after all the fun, we also made a small start on our journey home - with "Chalice" only - "Sickle" is staying on at Atherstone until moving on her next event.

"Oberon" (modern replica) ahead of "Sextans" (sister to "Sickle")

"Oberon" is a replica of a Yarwoods "Small Northwich"
"Sextans has been re-lengthened to 50 feet, and contains part of "Thea"

Cath & Odin.

The anglers in the "winding hole" (boat turning point) didn't stay there long!

Blind panic encountering "Town" class bows at pipe bridge.
Former working boatman at tiller of "Nuneaton"



"Birmingham" leaving marina basin

"Elizabeth" passes "Aldgate" which is grounded.

"Aldgate has grounded on a hard "scour" in the canal bad.

"Sickle" using a bit of power to tow "Aldgate" free.

"Ibex" (left) & "Aldgate"
"Marquis" & "Darley"

Queue forming! "Sickle" is third in line.
"Auriga" with "Cassiopeia" behind.

"Elizabeth" (left) & "Badger"

Long queue for pipe bridge and the winding hole beyond it.


"Aldgate" with "Sickle" behind.

"Sickle" still waiting for congestion to clear beyond the pipe bridge..

And through the bridge.

"Aldgate" is turned.

Turning "Sickle"

"Sickle" will go round in one.
"Sickle" having turned, "Auriga" is next.

"Warbler" leaving the event.

"Python" awaits attention at Grendon dry dock.

Parading at Alvecote and back to Atherstone with Chalice only.
Miles: 2.2 (Sickle), 5.4 (Chalice)  Locks:2 (Chalice)

Total Miles: 347.6, Locks: 194

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