Friday, 30 August 2013

Stoke Hammond Three Locks to Cooks Wharf

Not a lot to report about this day, other than it was the final day of boating with "Chalice" for a while.
No boat pictures today, but Odin enjoyed lockside football.
As previous posts relate, we were on a minor mission to get home, because there are still some events we want to do with "Sickle", but if we are not available for boat movements "tomorrow", (Saturday), then plans fall apart.

It keeps him amused, and it is far more interesting than chasing other dogs!
We had broken enough of the journey yesterday to guarantee getting back to base today, but, as is so often the case on this final leg, we were not able to do it particularly quickly because the pace was often set by others.

But mission accomplished, eventually - back home just about in time to regroup ourselves, and for Cath and I to head off by car back to Alvecote "tomorrow", so we can resume our travels with "Sickle"

Stoke Hammond Three Locks to Cooks Wharf
Miles: 11.1 (Chalice), Locks: 13

Total Miles: 437.7, Locks: 242

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