Monday, 12 August 2013

Five battered mushrooms

(Boats Chalice & Sickle initially, but then just Chalice - posted by Cath)

A very late start, late even by our standards. However, we spent ages looking at maps and deciding which way to go once we'd left Sickle at Alvecote. We didn't really manage to, however, I put in a vote for going to Fradley Junction so that I can do the washing at the pub. I often do the washing in our little twin tub washer, which washes very well but we do then need good weather to dry the clothes festooned around the boat. The weather is OK-ish, with some wet interludes - which makes the idea of a washer and dryer very attractive.

Sickle and Bream at Alvecote
We finally got Sickle to Alvecote, but the office was locked - and so was the pub! The Internet told us that the pub is shut on Monday, and Alan put out a request for help on Facebook, which was very quickly picked up and a message was relayed from Laurence Williams to leave Sickle near to Bream - which we did.

Despite the contradictory towpath rumours about whether or not Glascote locks were shut we carried on to find no sign at all of the threatened stoppage. At Fazely Junction, I went to the titchy Tesco's around the corner while Alan filled the water tank. I was a bit wary of when I might next find a supermarket, but the Tesco there really doesn't have very much we need except the very basics.

Wey looking very good at Glascote bottom lock
It was now getting quite late and I've recently put my foot down about boating all hours of the day and night. Now that I am retired I don't see why we can't treat boating as a holiday and go and see things, or tie up before the evening and do some things on the boat - reading, or music practice or similar. We did need to 'deliver' Sickle, but now that's done I want a more relaxed time boating. So I pointed out that Hopwas was not too far away and that we would be able to eat at a pub.

We ate at the Tame Otter, which was OK, but not outstanding, and they charged far too much for 5 battered mushrooms.

Below Atherstone Lock 9 to Hopwas
Miles: 11.9 (Chalice), 5.6 (Sickle) , Locks: 6 (2 with both boats, 2 with only Chalice)

Total Miles: 184.5, Locks: 68

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