Thursday, 2 August 2012

Learning How To Boat With Two Boats At Once (Part 2)

(Boats Chalice & Sickle - posted by Cath)

Breasted up on Stoke Bruerne flight
On to the Stoke Bruerne flight, where we breasted up the boats again. Because Odin still needs to be kept an eye on a lot of the time it's easier for one person to take two boats, then the others can share working and setting the locks, while keeping an eye on our puppy.

Odin and Michael

Odin is often off the boat at locks, so that he can learn how to behave safely.

He needs to be let off the boat every hour or so, but is quickly learning to 'do your business' as soon as he is off the boat.

For the two weeks at home, before we set off on our trip, Michael slept downstairs and set alarms to get Odin up in the night. Not surprisingly, he is fairly tired - so he's sleeping on Sickle, while we on Chalice are doing the night time trips outside. When we leave Sickle up near Tamworth he will move onto Chalice with the rest of us.

The rain kept off for a while, but as we moored up in Stoke Bruerne the heavens opened - despite this we decided to go to the pub. We sat outside so that Odin could talk to passing people, and adult dogs, to make sure that he is well socialised. After our meal we headed off into the tunnel and carried on to Weedon embankment, mooring overlooking the church.

Wolverton Trunk Aqueduct to Weedon Embankment
Miles: 18.1 (Each boat), 36.2 (Combined), Locks: 8

Total Miles: 81.9, Locks: 23

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