Thursday, 23 August 2012

Chalice to Alvecote

(Boat Chalice - posted by Alan)

Last of the Birmingham & Fazeley locks at Curdworth
Nothing complicated about the first part of today!

Yesterday's big push had left us with a relatively short trip, and only a very few locks still to go to get Chalice to Alvecote.

Once again there was steady traffic in both directions at the two Glascote locks, but none of the delays we have experienced here with queues in the past.  This summer really seems less busy generally than previous experiences.

The delightful "Baltic"
At Alvecote historic boats will be largely berthed within the marina itself, whereas non-historic ones will be along the towpath.  The towpath opposite the marina was already fairly full, with some boats already breasted up, but we reckoned we were better finding a quieter location beyond the next bridge southwards.  It made no difference to accessing the marina facilities and the Samuel Barlow pub, because either way you have a similar distance walk to a bridge which is the only way of crossing from the towpath side to the marina side.

The equally delightful, steam powered "Laplander"

"Tycho" - Sort of "Sickle with attitud

Also, mooring "Chalice" where we chose to placed ourselves, gave a good advanced viewing of further historic boats arriving for the event, with many of the arrivals being in the same "Icebreaker/Tug" category as our "Sickle"

Just Above Bottom Lock Curdworth to Alvecote
Miles: 7.0, Locks: 3
Total Miles: 401.8, Locks: 249 (Worked)

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