Saturday, 25 August 2012

Alvecote Historic Boat Gathering - Day 1 - Saturday

(Boat Sickle - posted by Alan)

As the blog is running so far behind real time, at the moment I'll just post photos of the first day of the event. 
Tugs & Ice Breakers
Joshers mostly.
Many of the Joshers are the resident South Midland fleet.
There were lots of Joshers
But plenty of Grand Union boats too!
Sickle prepares to set off in the parade.
Followed behind by Tycho.
Passing Tycho, after we had turned, and were travelling back.
Nutfield steerer decides to ignore Atlantic already attempting to go through narrows.
General view of parade - Kangaroo approaching.
Waiting to move forward past the marina site.
Immaculate Tench, owned by Matt, former owner of Sickle.
Tycho still sports an ice ram like the one Sickle once had.
Dave ventures out with the Cheterfield Trust's Python - a shortened Josher.
Having just turned Sickle a second time, Tycho does the same just behind.
Sickle returns to the marina.
Followed by Tycho - an interesting comparison!
Aber and Chertsey - The Joshers weren't the only immaculately turned out boats!
Archimedes can often be relied on to turn up well loaded - and it did.

Parading at Alvecote
Miles: 1.5, Locks:0
Total Miles: 407.0, Locks: 249 (Worked)

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