Saturday, 11 August 2012

Cruising Day Unexpectedly Curtiled.

(Boat Chalice - posted by Alan)

Interesting variant of "snake" bridge.
We have been pressing on with a background idea of what we want the trip to include, but never really planning it down to where we will be each day, because we initially felt there was a bit of slack overall.  However, for various reasons, every day, we have tended to put in a shorter day than expected, or to hit unanticipated delays, (or both!), so we realise the whole thing is getting a bit tighter than we had hoped for.  We have therefore known for a day or two we could do to put in some longer days.  We expected that to happen today, but again the reality was something rather different.

Steam launch about to overtake us!
In fact once again, we were not away particularly early, but additionally had soon pulled over, because Cath had worked out a nearby retail park would yield both a big pet store for Odin supplies, and also a DIY supermarket for some items for running repairs, as well as some badly needed new brushes and mops.

We made a further stop in Congleton so Cath could top up groceries, which at least allowed me to replenish the water tank, and also wash down some of the boat exterior.

Clarence Mill, Bollington - one of several impressive mills.
The plan was to get to the end of the Macclesfiekd canal, at Marple Junction, then turn immediately on to the Peak Forest, and descend immediately down the Marple flight of 16 deep locks.  However on arrival at Marple at about 4:00 pm, we found the lock flight locked out of use.  It turns out that there have been a series of problems at these locks, which have been fully closed on some days.  Now at least the authorities are allowing passage, but only to those entering the flight between 9:00 am and 11:00 am.

Shades of Tixall Wide, but on the "Macc"
Duly scuppered, we had absolutely no choice but to tie up very early, and wait until the morning.  So once again our plans to catch up a bit of lost time were down the pan.

I spent some time in the evening trying to understand the planned passage into Manchester over the next couple of days.  Because some areas have known problems, you are advised to only make stops at certain locations, and certainly not moor overnight at some of the spots where trouble can happen.  In fact a bit of research revealed we could really only have a short day tomorrow too, if we were to hole up somewhere considered OK.  So we are nt going to be do "catch up" for a day or two, then!

Oakgrove (Macclesfield canal) to Marple (Junction with Peak Forest Canal) 
Miles: 14.4 Locks: 0
Total Miles: 256.0, Locks: 104 (Worked)

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