Monday 22 December 2014

Another Chapter In Our Boating Story

(Posted by Alan)

Well it has finally happened , after lots of false starts, and one persistently less than serious "seller".

We can now announce that our "new" (old) boat is "Large Northwich" "Flamingo", originally built for the Grand Union Canal Carrying Company as their "Letchworth" by the same builder as "Sickle", (W J Yarwood & Sons), and in the same year, (1936).

As a result we are now transferring blogging operations to a new "Sickle" and "Flamingo" blog,  as the intention will be to sell "Chalice" as soon as we can get organised enough to do so.

So far that blog contains nothing about "Flamingo", but it is our intention that it will, as soon as we can find some time.

It can be found here.

Please update any bookmarks you may have that feference the "Sickle and Chalice" blog, to replace them with the "Sickle and Flamingo" one.  Thank you.