Friday 24 April 2015

I'm Deeply Curious......

I'm deeply curious why we are continuing to get as many hits as we are on this old "Sickle and Chalice" blog, when it was largely mothballed several months ago in favour of the replacement "Sickle and Flamingo" blog.

As the old blog is regularly getting more page hits than the new one, either the message has not got through that there is a new one, or, (as I suspect) a lot of the hits here are not genuine real people trying to look at the old blog.

Once again, if you are a real viewer, or have saved bookmarks, please switch to the new "Sickle and Flamingo" blog, which can be found here.

Sunday 19 April 2015

End of an Era - "Chalice" is Sold!

Posted by Alan

Those who "do" Facebook, or follow the CanalWorld Discussion Forums will probably know this, but it seems quite a few read the blog, but don't necessarily see updates in either of those place.

So for completeness, repeated here......

Chalice is blacked for its new owner, following a clean survey.
A bit of an historic day for us on Friday, as the sale of "Chalice" has gone through quickly and without bother - the money is now in the bank, so she is firmly now not our boat.

Chalice is the boat we bought 10 years ago when I came back to the canals after many years of not owning one, and we have covered a huge amount of the canals and rivers in that time, much of it many times, and we have had many great adventures.  Right now I'm naturally a little bit saddened to lose a comfortable, reliable and well sorted cruising boat when its replacement needs many weeks of hard graft to make it anything like as usable, but at least now we are relieved of responsibility for one of the fleet, and can knuckle down to sorting out "Flamingo".

"Chalice" has never been craned before in our ownership - always "slipped".
My extreme thanks to Dominic Miles and his team at Rugby Boat Sales for handling the sale of "Chalice" and quickly finding us a buyer that quickly progressed through survey to completion.  What we badly wanted was to price sensibly and get it sold, and that is exactly what we have achieved.

Incidentally the surveyor apparently found "Chalice" in very good order with nothing significant to report - quite unusual on a 20 year old boat, and we are pleased to be able to pass on a boat we have owned for half its lifetime with such a clean bill of health.

Time to remind anybody reading this here on the old "Sickle & Chalice" blog that you now need to update any links or bookmarks to the alternate "Sickle and Flamingo" blog that we have now had running for a few months.

The "Sickle and Flamingo" blog can be found HERE.