Sunday 15 May 2011

Moving Sickle - part two - Sunday

(posted by Cath)

Morning at Fradley
We woke soon after 7, before the alarm went off, and got up fairly soon after.  The range was on, so we got the kettle on to make coffee, and began to make porridge.  We did a number of domestic tasks, got some water, then got going.

Huddle ducks - at Fradley


It was a day of mostly lockless miles, we took it in turns steering, while talking things over, the only two locks we met were at Glascote, near Tamworth.  A brief stop at Fazeley Junction to buy some fresh milk and some more bread - we are finding ourselves fairly hungry, and bread and jam, or bread and marmite are welcome snacks.  With no fridge or coolbox there's no butter, it's warm enough that it would be liquid.

Glascote Locks


We passed a number of working boats moored up at Alvecote and at Grendon.

We eventually tied up in the evening, very tired.  We checked everything, locked up, and cycled off to the nearest station.  A long journey home, and we pushed up the hill to arrive back, very tired, at 9pm.  We were also very hungry so we quickly organised a big pile of potato wedges, with baked beans, peas and cheese. Then to bed.

I've spent all week thinking about this trip, and counting the time until I can go and do it again next weekend.

Fradley Junction to Atherstone
Miles: 19.1, Locks: 2

Total Miles: 40.7, Total Locks: 11


  1. My butter's been OK, even in the table cupboard with the stove going - soft, but not liquid...

  2. OK, I'll try it. See how it goes.